IPRAN (Internet Protocol Radio Access Network) is a dashboard from NMS project that helps Telkomsel user and staff to monitoring IP (Internet Protocol) from RAN based. IPRAN Making it easier for administrators to monitor IPRAN in Indonesia both providing topology, OSDF, Cacti Page and Link Down information.


  • Scalability and Reliability: Replacing point-to-point links by a distributed IP network will provide an alternative path for more than one network controller, thereby increasing reliability and scalability.
  • The OSPF alarm notification provides information on the end and condition of a link.
  • Notification of link down per region, name and capacity.
  • Visualize the topology of each region be it the utilization, metro-e and the performance of each node.


This table is ifTable single, this data is performance data port. this data is feeding every 5 minutes. The source data is obtained from OSSEra

Data Processing IPRAN