Gag E-Operation is a project that changes the reporting system that was originally a manual work to be automatic in the form of applications. This project is one example that uses ERP Systems. With advancing technology and digitalization penetrating every aspect of modern life, as well as the fact that Indonesia is trying to achieve the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the simplified integration of data and company processes is a must. With great will and ideas, the GAG OPERATION mobile app and the web dashboard are one of the implementations for the realization of a convenient mining process. In the early stages of this development, the on-site mining process is the core of GAG OPERATION. Thus, our priority now is to collect all the data needed and develop applications with a web-based dashboard


GAG Operation has the aim to simplify work starting from recording production and sales capacity, can track the work carried out by existing site employees, and can be directly controlled by the supervisor and directors of PT GAG Nickel from a distance. The point is aimed at the process of digitizing data mining.

Data Processing

As web-based and mobile Application, GAG e-Operation need the transactional data. Here we describe some basic data transactions that occur on GAG e-Operation  :