GAG E-Finance



GAG Nikel E-Finance Project is the accounting software that would help Finance Division of GAG Nikel to integrate and record all financial report and data to on.e application, with big vision to integrate all financial division report, also to connect with all previous project that GAG Nikel and Braincode had cover such as GAG E-Procurement and GAG E-Operation. With advance technology that always evolve everyday, data integration is necessary for a company with dreams and spirit to reach Industrial Revolution 4.0. The purpose of this project is obvious, to integrate all finance data from the current state to more digitalize and easy to handle. Also, to manage and monitor all the financial report and progress because we all know that finance division in every company is the most crucial aspect for sustainability of itself.


In this Project the Main Objectives that needs by GAG Nikel Directorate. Such as :

  1. Replace the current software, to be more flexible, light, and customize-able software for mining company that couldn’t handle.
  2. Record all financial accounting and management report into one database with more accurate including history, payment, etc., that could be integrate to other GAG Application and Software Project (GAG E-Finance and GAG E-Procurement)
  3. Manage the role of user based on their level in the company
  4. Display summary of all transaction and records into chart, diagram, and/or table, that user able to download in application

Dashboard Appearance